By John Arenas | June 10, 2014

“To me, this is not an information age. It’s an age of networked intelligence, it’s an age of vast promise.” — Don Tapscott

Internet technology and consumer-empowered media have established an openness and interdependence that offers great new opportunity.

What is the best means of knowledge transfer for your business? According to author and business strategist, Don Tapscott, our global society is moving toward a world of openness and interdependence. In Ted Talks, Tapscott describes the openness of our world today which he attributes to the internet, the new generation, and the global economic crisis. He explains the growing need for interdependency and openness amongst countries and the importance of exciting change to form a new global platform that will transform our world and economy today.

His four principles for an open world consist of: Collaboration, Transparency, Sharing, and Empowerment. These principles can also apply to our work environments, especially in a time when knowledge transfer is so critical in light of our aging workforce. Thanks to technology, knowledge transfer can now happen any time and from anywhere.


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