Insulating Yourself from Personal Liability for Your Business

Date / Time

September 23, 2020

3:00 pm - 4:00 pm ET

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White Plains - Downtown

Many people know that in order to protect their personal assets, they need to incorporate their businesses. For example, forming an LLC for their business is a good first step.  However, much more is necessary.  Owners often fail to appreciate that if they do not observe corporate formalities and operate their businesses in a particular way, their personal assets could be exposed irrespective of the initial incorporation. Attorney Joe Colbert who serves as general, corporate and litigation counsel for many businesses will discuss the exposure points and how to avoid them so your personal assets are protected.

Joseph Colbert has practiced business law for over twenty five years. Among New York’s and Connecticut’s most successful and prominent attorneys, Joe has been identified among the top attorneys in the tri-state area. He is a general practitioner who focuses on the representation of organizations and individuals as general, corporate and litigation counsel. Joe taught as an Adjunct Professor Law for many years and also serves as a mediator and arbitrator. Joe also serves on the board of organizations like Board Secured, LLC which offers a web-based application called Office of the Board ( which mitigates risk and maximizes efficiency for organization’s boards. Colbert Law has various practice areas with offices in New York and Connecticut (

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