NYC Executive Breakfast: How Implicit Bias is Scarier than Racism

NYC Executive Breakfast: How Implicit Bias is Scarier than Racism

Date / Time

February 22, 2024

8:00 am - 9:30 am

Join us for our first executive breakfast of 2024! Please note, this event is open and inclusive to all Ellevate membership levels – however the topics of discussion will be geared toward senior-level managers/executives and organizational leaders.

Have you ever met someone and thought: he is this or she is that? Many of us do, and without our knowing, our implicit bias triggers behaviors toward others that, in many instances, results in negative outcomes.

This discussion will detail what implicit bias is; how it influences behaviors; why it is more insidious than racism; and provide solutions as to how to address it.

Please know this session will be conducted in a safe space, where no one will be judged by their comments or actions.

The conversation will be led by Jennefer Witter, Ellevate NYC co-president and Founder/CEO of the Boreland Group. Jennefer is an in-demand speaker on unconscious bias – check out one of her Tedx talks ahead of the discussion!

For any Serendipity Labs members interested in attending . Sign up and enter the code: Serendipity for a FREE ticket.

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