By John Arenas | March 13, 2014

Millenials Were Born for the Workplace of the Future

Many statistics demonstrate how Generation Y is less than prepared for the work force. However, many of these statistics are determined by those who appreciate and depend on a workplace of the past. Forbes contributor Shama Kabani tells us how one Bentley University study applies to the future of the workplace.

Bentley University’s PreparedU Project (see slideshow below) examines how and why Millennials perform the way they do in today’s workforce. Specifically, the study found that many employers and parents of recent college grads gave students a “C” in preparedness for the workplace. Coincidentally, college grads, parents and employers blamed higher education for the students’ lack of readiness.

These studies have prompted many leaders to believe that Millennials are only partially to blame for their lack of preparedness. So many young people crave flexibility and creative opportunity—and surprisingly enough, so does everyone else.

Rather than alienate future businessmen and women, an adaptive workplace allows young professionals to grow. They are the future, after all.

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