LINC Presenters Guide

Thank you for your interest in hosting a webinar on Serendipity Labs’ L.I.N.C.

LINC Presenters Guide

Thank you for your interest in hosting a webinar on Serendipity Labs’ L.I.N.C.

L.I.N.C. provides an opportunity for you to expand the reach and impact of your hosted event via any device, from anywhere– a much more impactful learning experience than a blog or podcast. In preparation for your successful L.I.N.C. event, please review these guidelines

Webinar Content

  • Popular themes of our professional content include Marketing, Finance, Productivity, Career Growth, Technology, Small Business Ownership, Writing, Presenting, Networking, Investing, Leadership, Lifestyle and Wellness.
  • Limit your presentation to 30-40 minutes to accommodate a Q & A session.
  • You are allotted 2-3 sentences to promote your business at the end of the webinar, although we ask that you do not solicit clients or advertise your business throughout the actual webinar.
  • You can poll attendees during your presentation. You may offer them a single choice or multiple choice question. Please provide your Lab Manager with all poll questions in advance.

Event Promotion

  • We encourage you to promote the event to your professional networks to help grow the attendee list.
  • To help with promotion of the webinar event, please provide the lab manager with the following information:
    • Webinar Event Title
    • Webinar Event Description
    • Preferred Date and Time
    • Short Speaker Bio
    • Speaker Headshot
  • The lab manager will then provide you with assets to help with online promotion.

Technical Considerations

  • We use the ZOOM platform to manage L.I.N.C. events. Please become familiar with the dashboard if you have not used this tool previously. All webinars are recorded and uploaded to L.I.N.C. following completion.
  • If you would like to partner with a co-presenter, you are welcome to do so.
  • If you do not have a suitable location to present that is quiet, professional, and well-connected to the internet, please tell your Lab Manager and we arrange a room at one of our Labs.

Following the webinar, the Lab Manager will send an email to all attendees . We are happy to include your contact info and a special offer or promotion in the correspondence. We are very excited to hear your ideas for content and can’t wait to work with you on a successful webinar presentation. Please reach out to your Lab Manager when you are ready to start planning.

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