1851 Franchise – December 4, 2017

By Paula Gomprecht | December 4, 2017

Young Ones to Watch: Kristen Pike of Serendipity Labs, Inc.

Serendipity Labs, Inc.’s Director of Franchise Sales and Development offers advice for other up-and-comers in the industry.

1851: What was it that drew you into franchising?

Kristen Pike, Director of Franchise Sales and Development for Serendipity Labs: I was raised in a very business oriented family. The desire to grow and promote a brand was important in our household and those values have stayed with me throughout life. What drew me to franchising was being able to educate others who may be hesitant about owning a business. Franchising allows individuals to invest in themselves, while capitalizing on a brand that’s already invented and tested the wheel. Franchising gives the franchisee a piece of mind knowing that they are backed by industry leaders who have done all the trial and error, and who have integrated what they’ve learned to be successful in development, operations, marketing & technology. As a franchisor, we provide guidance with financial models and are quick to resolve issues as they come in or before they happen. I love that I get to work with entrepreneurs who want to be part of something bigger, and understand that partnering up with a solid franchise brand can be their ticket to major success.

Source, Lydia Heerwagen, Young Ones to Watch: Kristen Pike of Serendipity Labs, Inc. 1851 Franchise.

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