AllWork.Space – December 26, 2016

By | December 26, 2016

The latest coworking survey suggests that a significant portion of growth will come from existing operators as 67% of them plan to expand their brand in some way or another in 2017. And this is only for coworking operators, and we can’t leave out of the equation business centers and executive suite providers.

Another important fact to consider is that industry experts believe consolidation is likely to happen on a larger scale than in previous years. With this in mind, it is likely that some workspace operators will grow more than others, depending on their aggressiveness and their growth strategy.

So, who will grow the most in 2017?

Serendipity Labs
In a recent interview with Allwork, Paula Gomprecht, Senior Director of Marketing for Serendipity Labs, mentioned that starting 2017, the workspace hospitality brand will have over 100 locations in pipeline development.
Their chosen path for growth, that of franchising their locations, allows Serendipity Labs to grow faster than other workspace operators, while lessening the potential amount of risk associated with fast-paced growth and capital investment.

Source: Cecilia Amador, “Flexible Workspace Operators Set To Grow the Most in 2017,” AllWork.Space

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