By | December 20, 2016 Disruptors – December 20, 2016

Buying and wasting resources might one day be eclipsed by professional give and take between businesses. Consumers, of course, have already embraced the sharing economy by backing platforms like Uber, Streetbank and Airbnb, where private individuals share personal resources with unknown takers. Perhaps peer-to peer platforms for entrepreneurs and start-ups are poised to launch a similar sharing economy for the business world.

Shared consumption: A key trend defining 2016?

The continued growth of the sharing economy stands out as a 2016 trend for Fueled co-founder, Ryan D Matzner, while founder and CEO of the co-working-network Serendipity Labs, John Arenas, explains how co-working reflects the rising sharing and circular economy model. For him, rather than propagating a wasteful linear model of consumption, sharing head office real estate saves travel time and offers additional benefits.

Source: Kelly Pipes, “Will there be anything we don’t share in 2017?”,

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