By | November 28, 2016

AllWork.Space – November 28, 2016

How This Workspace Provider Defied The Traditional Expansion Model…And Won

Up next on our Industry Game-Changers series is Serendipity Labs, one of the first coworking operators to use the franchise model to power its expansion efforts.

Serendipity Labs was founded in 2013 by John Arenas. Since opening its first location in NYC, the brand has focused on the hospitality aspect of flexible workspaces.

Paula Gomprecht, Senior Director of Marketing for Serendipity Labs, says that the brand identifies itself as being in the hospitality industry. “We look at the workspaces as a service industry as a hospitality vertical. Hospitality is our main focus, it’s in our DNA.”

Source: Cecilia Amador, “Serendipity Labs Aims To Add 100+ Locations in 2017” AllWork.Space

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