By | June 12, 2017

JLL Ambitions – June 9, 2017

When Serendipity Labs Coworking CEO John Arenas began developing shared workplaces in 1992, the model was fairly simple: emulate traditional workplaces and put resources around individuals to operate as though they were in a corporate headquarters.

“Back when I started operating business centers, it was $3 per page to send a fax, and $0.20 per minute for phone services,” Arenas said. ‘We even had typing pool services.”

Needless to say, things have changed. Arenas now oversees a national coworking franchise chain with an expansion plan of over100 locations underway in urban and suburban markets across the United States. It would be safe to call him an industry pioneer.

Source: “Industry Perspective: John Arenas, CEO, Serendipity Labs Coworking” JLL Ambitions

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