By Paula Gomprecht | June 1, 2017

Inc. Magazine – May 25, 2017

Coworking spaces make it ridiculously easy for entrepreneurs today to find an office space.

So where should you work? If you’re looking for your own space now (whether you’re an entrepreneur, freelancer, telecommuter, or even just need a great place to work for a day), you might want to consider one of these 23 great coworking spaces in the U.S. …

Serendipity Labs
Now in eight locations, Serendipity Labs offers members an upscale, beautiful workplace environment. Memberships include full-time and part-time coworking, as well as dedicated private offices, workstations, and team rooms.

Source: Larry Kim, “23 of the Best Coworking Spaces in the U.S.” Inc. Magazine

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