By Paula Gomprecht | December 20, 2017

Morningstar – December 20, 2017

Serendipity Labs, Inc. today announced it has awarded exclusive development areas to franchisees who will add 22 locations in four cities across the country. The combined development schedule represents more than $30 million in additional capital for the coworking network in St. Louis, MO; Phoenix, AZ; Indianapolis, IN; and Pittsburgh, PA.

Terra Properties, led by CEO Robert Bowman, will develop St. Louis, MO and will open six Labs in total. Alex Perchuk and Robert Baker are partners in Advantage Partners, LLC for Phoenix, AZ, and Indianapolis, IN, and in Triple 5 Group, LLC for Pittsburgh , PA. They will open they will eight, three and five Labs, respectively.

“Our growth strategy includes urban and suburban networks in each market we develop so that our members can choose where and when they work. This allows our enterprise customers to support an increasingly mobile workforce while improving their quality of life,” says John Arenas, founder and CEO of Serendipity Labs. “Through a mix of franchised and company-owned Labs, we are creating unmatched coverage that meets the needs of trusted knowledge workers and millennials who have migrated to the suburbs.”

The company is aggressively growing with an owned and franchise location development schedule for 124 locations across nineteen states. Each franchise partner will benefit from a national coworking network that provides centralized marketing, sales, technology and operational support.

Source, PR Newswire, Serendipity Labs Coworking Awards Franchises for Four New U.S. Markets, Morningstar.

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