PREA Industry News – May 13, 2015

By Phil Torre | May 14, 2015

CEO of Serendipity Labs Coworking, John Arenas talks with Greg MacKinnon, PREA’s Director of Research, about the changes in the shared workplace model Serendipity Labs is achieving.

What sort of workplace model have you developed with Serendipity Labs, and how does that compare to other firms in the Coworking industry?

We have created a coworking brand that delivers a workplace membership experience to satisfy mobile professional workers and project teams across all industry categories and company sizes. This means serving a broader market and larger customer base compared with coworking companies that focus solely on technology start-ups and young creative class workers. Knowledge workers are effectively free agents now, even corporate employees, so they also need a platform to support their own personal work styles. These workers have become sophisticated consumers, choosing where, when, and how they work.

Source: Greg MacKinnon, One-On-One with John Arenas, PREA Industry News

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