By John Arenas | March 26, 2014

Epic Workplace Design

Workplace Wednesday: Epic Systems Corporation HQ Design

For a medical software developer, you may assume the office space wouldn’t be the most interesting or glamorous. However, Epic Systems Corporation boasts one of the most beautiful headquarters in the country. Tucked away in Verona, Wisconsin, their “Intergalactic Headquarters” spans 385 acres of land and offers 1.5 million square feet across five buildings.

Elements like the Indiana Jones themed hallway and the New York Subway car replica make this elaborate campus more unique and imaginative than its counterparts. Nevertheless, like many companies geared towards bringing in the innovative 20-somethings, they built the space around teamwork, and most importantly, having fun.

Speaking of fun, the Ultimate Frisbee field and hiking and biking trails attract a more active group of young professionals. Another great feature is the 700,000 square foot auditorium style Learning Center that seats 5,400 guests. If all of these features sound anything less than amazing, the onsite stream, or cavalry of horses may help meet your expectations.

See a photo set here.

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