Serendipity Labs offers enterprise-grade IT infrastructure that delivers robust performance and reliability, while adhering to strict compliance and security standards.


Serendipity Labs offers enterprise-grade IT infrastructure that delivers robust performance and reliability, while adhering to strict compliance and security standards.

What are the network speeds?

Serendipity Labs relies on dedicated ‘point-to-point’ circuits to provide scalable and reliable internet connectivity, and uncontested bandwidth to our members. Our members receive access to our standard Wi-Fi service that allows up to 50Mb of symmetrical bandwidth. If you have higher bandwidth requirements, you can subscribe to our premium Wi-Fi service for up to twice the speed of standard, or our dedicated bandwidth options for even higher speeds.

We need our own secure network. Can you do that?

We provide a secure network environment to all our members, regardless of the size of the team. We provide private VLAN configurations for each resident member-team, which are fully segmented and secured for private use and span both wired and wireless connections. This allows you to securely setup your own workstations, servers, and other authorized devices within your VLAN and make them available to your users alone without any additional devices, effort, or cost.

What internet service provider do you use?

We utilize elastic, private point-to-point connections from our lab locations to centralized data centers. This enables uncontested service delivery, solid performance, and immediate failover to a back-up connection.

How secure is your Wi-Fi?

We utilize enterprise grade Wi-Fi and network infrastructure, with industry-leading Wireless Intrusion Prevention System (WIPS) for wireless threat protection that uses proprietary techniques to identify and actively defend against wireless threats and attacks. Wi-Fi connectivity is provided to our members via user-based authentication or MAC address registrations, both placing the connected devices directly into the member VLAN. This approach negates the two major risks of single shared password systems: common passwords that are never changed and common networks that provide no data security.

What about compliance?

In addition to providing enterprise-grade security protocols and measures for our individual members, the infrastructure enables our corporate customers meet organizational security and compliance standards for their respective industries, such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, ISO 27001, SOX, and MITS. Our networking platform undergoes routine audits conducted by a third-party who specializes in penetration testing and software security analysis. We ensure data and privacy integrity through TLS/SSL connections for all calls into the platform, a dedicated secure management network for communication between different platform components, and encrypted interfaces for communication to third-party internet-based platforms, all delivered within a secure firewalled environment. This holistic approach to our platform security enables our clients to meet their internal or industry-specific compliance requirements.

Can we set up and use our VoIP service?

We support most VoIP solutions in the market. In typical cases, our members can access their VoIP services by setting up VoIP phones/devices within their provided VLANs and/or through ‘soft-clients’ installed on their devices.

We also offer a full-service voice platform for increased reliability, especially for members who do not have their own VoIP service. We can port-in your existing phone numbers for seamless service and ease of use.

Can we set up our own printer, firewall, or other network devices?

As a part of your resident membership, we will setup a secure private network (VLAN) for your internal use. You can set up printers or devices on your VLAN that will not be visible to other members at the Lab. A range of addresses within your VLAN are reserved for static assignment to devices, while the remainder of the range will be used for dynamic assignment of network addresses to devices connected to your VLAN across wired and wireless connections.

Only under exceptional circumstances, our members prefer to provide their own firewall or router and have resources to manage their network. In such cases, we can disable DHCP within the VLAN, thus enabling our members to manage their own network and traffic. Our public IP service packages allow member-installed firewalls or routers to be accessible from outside of the local network.

Can we install our equipment in your IT room?

At select Serendipity Labs locations, we offer colocation racks within our IT rooms to securely host member equipment. If our colocation racks are not available, your equipment will be stored within your assigned workspace(s). If your equipment exceeds the available power, cooling, or physical space within your workspace(s), we can offer customized hosting solutions tailored to accommodate your needs and predicated upon your budget.

Do you offer secure printing?

Serendipity Labs offers secure printing service to all our members using a cloud managed printing app. All print jobs that are sent to our printers are put in a ‘holding’ state until the respective user authenticates and releases the job at the printer. Members’ access cards are programmed into the printing solution, that allows members to simply scan their cards at the printer to release their print jobs.

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