By John Arenas | March 19, 2014

Amazing Offices Don’t Have to Break the Bank

Workplace Wednesday: Quid headquarters in San Francisco

Sometimes it’s not about the prestigious address or the breath-taking views, it’s a feeling. When Bob Goodson, co-founder of Quid, walked into his new San Francisco office space, he was captured by the aesthetics, or the “blank canvas” that meant so much, while divulging so little.

In particular, Goodson loved the winding passageway that led guests from the street-level entrance to the actual workspace. Something about that journey from the outside world to where the magic happens can transform an employee’s perspective. Concepts like this may potentially offer more architectural value than expensive paintings or Feng Shui techniques.

When it’s all said and done, performance reflects atmosphere, and a winning environment doesn’t always imply a hefty price tag.

More photos of the Quid space here.

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