By Paula Gomprecht | October 1, 2020

The Next Normal – Leaning Into Your New Worklife

The amount of change we’ve all experienced in 2020 has been unnerving. From how we shop, socialize, teach and parent to how we work has been completely flipped upside down. What originally seemed like major adjustments, have slowly become part of our normal routine. As homes became offices, and parents became teachers, we have seen how people and spaces can multi-task. While many people have found a way to make “work from home” work for them, the truth is it will never be a permanent solution.

We get it, there are perks to not being tied to an office from nine to five. For starters, we find more time for healthy habits like preparing a nourishing lunch or taking a 15-minute yoga break at 3pm. Then there is the added time with family by removing a commute; with kids and spouses also at home, we get little glimpses of our loved ones throughout the day which can be motivating and increase our happiness level. However, most work from homers will agree that these perks are easily overshadowed by the overwhelming and stressful nature of trying to do our best work while surrounded by endless distractions.

If you were to weigh out the pros and cons of working at home vs. working at the office, you would likely discover they are dead even. The question then arises, can we have it all? Can family time and healthy lifestyle coexist with a focused and thriving career?

Being in the workspace industry, we have the benefit of hearing real life circumstances of workers throughout the country. We are continually hearing from companies that their teams are ready to get back into the office, however not on a full-time basis. Teams are yearning not just for a professional and dedicated space, but for face time with their colleagues and leadership. Across the board, workers who have been virtual since March are not just burned out, they are “Zoomed Out”.

But are workers really ready to get back to ‘normal,’ including a commute to the main corporate office when they may have family to care for who’s schedule is anything but normal?   

 “In response to company demand in supporting remote teams, Serendipity Labs has created a new product called TeamHub, which is a place for a company to have their team work in a dedicated and secure environment, to drop in or work as a full time office space.” Serendipity Labs Chairman & CEO John Arenas

How does a TeamHub plan work? Take your team of 10: maybe 2 are ready to jump back to office full time, 3 can work mornings, another 3 are every other day to work around their children’s  hybrid school schedule and the other 2 are happy working from home, but will be popping in for meetings every so often. That is a lot of schedule fluctuation for one team, and it would not make financial sense to have a dedicated desk for each person. With TeamHub, all ten team members will be given 24/7 membership access to Serendipity Labs. An office that fits 5-7 is probably all you would need to serve as a touch base spot. Configure this space however you wish: we provide full furnishings, WiFi, full-time reception, unlimited coffee, and access to meeting rooms if you need to gather a larger group.

Unlike traditional leases, TeamHub gives your whole team a professional space to focus on work without being tied to overhead charges for each individual employee. And locations across the country mean teams can likely find somewhere close to home to access quickly and easily. Now everyone can have the flexibility they need, a space they can thrive in and the balance they have been craving.

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