By John Arenas | March 12, 2013

Artist in Residence Announced

Graphic Illustrator Named Artist in Residence at Serendipity Labs in Rye

Serendipity Labs is very pleased to announce that Zachary Brunner, 24, of Harrison has been named the Serendipity Labs Rye Artist in Residence for spring 2013.

Zach will enjoy complimentary membership at the Rye Serendipity Labs location this spring.   Mr. Brunner commented “I’m glad to be able to work in such an inspiring, friendly environment.”   Jodi Gordon, Community Manager for Serendipity Labs is responsible for curating membership and events to ensure a vibrant and engaging workplace experience.  Ms. Gordon will also be overseeing the selection of this summer’s Artist in Residence in May.

About the Artist

Zach Brunner graduated from the School of Visual Arts with a BFA in Film in 2011.  He has completed pencils, inks and colors for two full length graphic novels, one of which, “The High Cost of Living Happily Ever After” is available on Amazon.   Zach has provided illustrations and animated content for the off-Broadway musical “Chix 6”, is a collaborator on the “Dragons of Blizzard Island” toy franchise, and works as a storyboard artist for Mercedes Benz among others.  He looks forward to continuing work in the comic book industry and eventually moving back into film as a concept artist.   The artwork above is a character design of a robot whale for the film “Brother” directed by Sari Rodrig.  See select other works at

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