By John Arenas | August 26, 2013

Lure of the Serendipitous Sparks Urban Influx

Workplace communities are the model for entrepreneurially-minded and internationally-fluent individuals to meet.

“For the first time, more people are coming into the city than leaving the city,” mayor Mike Bloomberg says to the New Yorker in a recent article discussing the final months in his decade-long reign as mayor of New York City:

It’s no news that cities are becoming more attractive to people who may have been suburbanites in the late 90s. The draw is the growth of work opportunities.

Cities across the country are growing, pushing out what were once their geographical or jurisdictional cut-off lines, to accommodate people and their businesses.

People in proximity, like adjacent neighborhoods, engender the spill-over of perspectives and ideologies. Sounding boards are created for the bouncing of ideas. This energy encourages employees to extend themselves beyond their conventional thought patterns, beyond even their comfort zones.

Try that in the home office.

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