By John Arenas | September 26, 2013

Get Your Software Coworking

Security is a top concern for companies that want to invest in shared spaces. Coworking—let alone the technology that caters to its users—is still new to the corporate arena. As a growing number of employees log into cloud-based servers to access documents, companies require file sharing programs that are secure, compatible with various personal computers, and can work at the speed of its operators.

While cloud servers are a great start, companies and individuals (anyone who has lost an entire drive to cyber space can empathize) are still dabbling with different services in search of one comprehensive remote-access system that meets all of their needs.

Minnesota-based personalized printing group Navitor is taking a step in that direction. This month, the company is launching a new software development center at the new uptown Minneapolis location of CoCo coworking space. Navitor’s Vice President of Applied Technology Steve McDermott says the developers will work onsite to develop software that is uniquely suited to the collaborative workplace.

It’s too soon to say whether Navitor’s software will live up to the unique needs of our changing workplace, but it is definitely a step in the right direction. And we have no doubt that—as natural selection rules—technology will evolve to meet the needs of the new global workplace.

At Serendipity Labs, our own OASIS™ Managed Services platform is a comprehensive, cloud-based technology service delivery platform.  It includes software components and hardware systems that are integrated to deliver an unparalleled workplace experience. Member management, central reservations, voice and data services, access and security, Internet connectivity, event management and ticketing – these are just some of the features and functionality that are fully integrated into a seamless user and admin experience.

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