By John Arenas | April 3, 2014

The Self-Driving Office of the Future

Ready for the commute to become an office?

According to the 2013 U.S. Census, 10.8 million people drive at least an hour on each leg of their commute. That’s a lot of wasted time—ten hours per week, 40 hours per month and a whopping 480 hours a year, to be exact. As the work force continues to evolve, many professionals are seeking ways to be more productive. Understandably, they want to gain recognition from their superiors while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. The key to achieving both is using your time wisely.

In what looks to be an effort to gain leadership visibility among broadly alternative workplace options like coworking, traditional office suite provider Regus has partnered with visionary mobility company Rinspeed  to profile a self-driving car that doubles as a mobile office.

The creators revealed the cutting edge XchangE at the Geneva Motor Show in March. With swiveling front seats, embedded flat screens and an espresso machine, the XchangE is by no means starved for attention. Literally, this is the car of every executive’s dreams.

The interior isn’t the only great feature this autonomous vehicle boasts; the exterior is sleek and sexy too. However, when self-driving cars hit mass production lines and become a reality, many of us won’t care what they look like on the outside because we’ll be soaking in the greatest luxury of all, productivity.

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