By John Arenas | May 2, 2014

Work-Life Balance is a Myth

So says Serendipity Labs CEO John Arenas in today’s edition of Fast Company.

As a provider of alternative workplaces over the past 20 years at Regus, Worktopia, and now Serendipity Labs, John has had a unique vantage point for observing professionals as they are catapulted by technology, mobility, and connectivity into a 24/7 digital way of life.

The always-on work culture has yielded huge gains in worker productivity, but without regard for any boundaries with our personal lives. Now, Gen X and Millennial values are taking hold and, as a result, workers are learning to redirect these same forces to empower choices that improve their lives, while making them more valuable at work.

Check out John’s three critical guidelines on how to drop the balancing act and set some boundaries.

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