By John Arenas | August 13, 2014

Time for Work-Life Balance

Although Serendipity Labs CEO John Arenas argues that actual balance probably shouldn’t be the goal, there are ways to avoid the prospect of over-intrusive priorities that create instability.

Because the shift toward a global workplace has made 24-7 access the norm, it is rare to come across someone who does not have a cell phone in his hands. Most people you see walking down the street are multitasking between listening to music, texting, and sending an email. There is almost a built-in temptation to schedule some activity for every free minute in the day. As our calendars near their capacity, work tasks and social commitments begin to blur together and leave us feeling bogged down and often resentful.

Writing for The Muse at Mashable, Erin Greenawald identifies three critical factors that help introduce some much-needed perspective in the time allocation equation:

  1. Free Time Doesn’t Have to Be Available Time
  2. If it’s Not on the Calendar, it Won’t Happen
  3. Sometimes My Time is More Valuable Than My Money

Even without the supporting detail these principles are powerful, but you can dive into the detail here.


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