By John Arenas | October 29, 2013

10 Great Virtual Assistant Sources for Mobile Workers and Road Warriors

There is no reason that mobile employees shouldn’t have assistants, too.

Whether it’s managing your inbox or booking appointments, there is at least one task on every person’s to do list that is continually put-off. These are the tasks that a large company would outsource or have an assistant to do.

For those who work outside of the traditional office structure—whether frequently traveling on business or for those whom office time is optional—there are plenty of tools that simulate what it’s like to have an assistant at arm’s length, while working remotely. These services recently posted by The Daily Muse are open to anyone through the Internet and are built for the employee on-the-go:

Manage your call load: AppleTree Answers, Ruby Receptionist, MyReceptionist, and VoiceCloud.

Reservations and appointments: Fancy Hands charges $3 to $5 per task.

Data entry, transcription, and virtually any other manual service: TaskRabbit, Task Bullet, MyTasker, Zirtual, and TimeSvr.

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