By John Arenas | January 3, 2014

Ego Test: Is it Helping or Hurting?

Inflated self-importance is not only an undesirable trait when interacting with others in the workplace; it causes missed opportunities.

An uncontained ego can inhibit even the most intelligent workers from reaching their fullest potential in the workplace. David K. Williams, who writes about entrepreneurship for Forbes says in a recent post:

[Champions] recognize that, “What’s in it for me?” is a self-defeating question. Instead of focusing on their ego, successful people maintain a laser focus on the big picture and continually prepare and train for the success of the bigger vision.

Pick your battles. When a problem needs to be resolved, by all means weigh in—we’re all about teamwork—but don’t fight with others for the final word or tout a superior voice of authority. Recognize that no one is the expert on everything, and even experts require continual learning and feedback.

We already know that teams can go further than individuals. By dispensing with the notion that there is a most valuable player and taking on a We mentality, team members can help one another grow—making for a stronger team. Then everyone comes closer to their your goals.

Besides, ego isn’t always a bad thing; it can manifest just as easily in confidence, and it can fuel perseverance. See where your ego stands in the workplace.

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