By John Arenas | November 14, 2013

Marketplace Reports – Coworking: the Corporate Connection

Coworking has been news for several years already, but as the trend broadens to include those who fall into categories beyond the seminal group of freelancers and entrepreneurs, the story begins to have decidedly corporate implications. The multiple values accruing to corporate interests is, of course, one of the founding principles of the Serendipity Labs model, but it’s interesting to see the mainstream media catching up.

According to the report:

More people are ditching the office as we know it, and it’s not just freelancers and cash-poor start-ups that can’t afford the rent. Within the next three years it’s estimated that almost 40 percent of the global workforce will work remotely. That’s fueling the growth of companies that offer a whole new kind of office space, on demand.

Check out the entire audio segment right here:

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