By John Arenas | March 28, 2014

Meditation: Pressing the Reset Button May Be the Cure to Workplace Stress

We’re all searching for a way to recharge our minds and reduce stress at work—if not only to maintain our own sanity, to make our work week more productive.

For a while, many researchers thought power naps were the key to success. Many of us struggle to find that perfect amount of time that helps you feel refreshed, without awaking more tired than you were to begin with; not to mention finding a quiet spot free from typical office interruptions.

Aside from meditation is the need to practice mindfulness. Cultivating a mindful outlook does so much more than relieve stress; it helps you reassess and reiterate your personal ethics and goals. And when you think about it, those principals are what drive individuals to succeed and carry on.

If you’re having trouble convincing your boss to schedule time for meditation or reflection, remind them of your company’s mission and suggest taking time for all employees to contemplate what each of them can do to achieve it. That’s certainly one way to use your time wisely.

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