By John Arenas | January 23, 2014

Best Technology Detox Retreats

Why You Might Need a Technology Detox (and Where to Get It)

The ability to stay connected allows us to have a more flexible work environment, but the effects of constant connectivity are not looking great. Most people do not use the extra hours to achieve a more balanced lifestyle. The problem is our desire.

We lack the desire to detach from the pressure to stay connected and to be reachable at all times. It is no surprise that wilderness retreats are gaining ground for their ability to reconnect the office-bound to the elements.

For those who need to recalibrate, a four- or a six-day sail aboard the historic Maine schooner Stephen Taber cuts guests from technology cold turkey. All boats are free of television, phones, and computers (excepting Coast Guard requirements for the crew). Phone usage is discouraged on all sailing trips; others ban it altogether.

By immersing you in real-world scenarios, the Primal Blueprint in Malibu is a boot camp-like retreat for the body and mind. Guests will hike, paddle board, and participate in other forms of exercise and learn strategies for integrating the program’s philosophy into daily life.

Similarly, Wildfitness – located on the north coast of Kenya – hosts 9-day and 2-week and 3.5-week retreats, but with greater focus on modern fitness techniques (such as kettlebell and boxing) with rests for connecting with the surrounding forests, coral reef, and one of the world’s best beaches.

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