By John Arenas | January 24, 2014

Why We Need A More Diverse Workplace to Be More Efficient

In what ways can we enhance our environment in order to enhance our performance?

Everyone strives to be more efficient at work, and as we rise the ranks in our corporate structure—no matter which industry you work in—there is more pressure to perform greater tasks in less time. The way we divide time is important. But there is only so much expectation we can place on the individual, until we are forced to look at the outside factors and ask ourselves: In what ways can we enhance our environment in order to enhance our performance?

Work environment undoubtedly affects performance, and our surroundings reinforce our goals. The problem is that, until recently, we have applied a largely homogenized structure for working to a diversified workforce.

Kevin Kuske, the general manager of furniture-maker Turnstone was quoted by Inc saying:

Some people create with crayons, some with computers, some have got to get up and write on the wall. If you go into a conference room with white boards and watch, there are certain people who unless forced will never write on the wall. They’re either not comfortable with their handwriting, or their body image, or they don’t like turning their back on people. But if you paper on the table, they start doodling.

Using a standardized workplace to measure efficiency of workers is like using a standardized test to measure aptitude among students: There is no rule of thumb. There are different ways for getting to the same place, and there is not one system that can accurately showcase the best abilities of every person.

Coworking hubs are increasingly successful and widespread because they have the ability to cater to a multitude of working styles. They are designed to host a range of businesspeople—from international financial advisors passing through town, to startups using the space as their daily meeting place, to freelance designers seeking a hub for networking opportunities. There is a reason, after all, why we have such different jobs and career paths available to us: The world takes all types in order to run. And it is the job of the future workplace to meet the needs of each type.

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