By John Arenas | October 17, 2016

Switching your Location Will Make You Better at Your Job

Humans are supremely adaptable, but there’s no escaping that we’re products of our environment. It’s why we put so much effort into finding and decorating the right home, push our kids to get into the right schools, or spend months picking a wedding venue.

The same is true of work. We work differently if we’re locked up in offices hidden behind cubicle walls or roaming around an open office; or if furniture is styled differently, different materials make up the walls, and so forth.

Indeed, some experts take this thinking a step further and believe that frequently switching to new surroundings — a practice facilitated by coworking spaces — can itself make you better (and more creative) at your job.

The intuition is easy to follow.

In a world where it’s already becoming commonplace for employees to work among multiple offices, having such choices allows workers to pick the environment that allows them to be most productive.

For some, it might be a bustling coworking space that keeps them motivated. For others, it could be a quiet place that allows them to stay fixed firmly on the work they’re trying to complete. It could mean sharing the same office as your coworkers to collaborate on projects, or it could mean sharing an office with mostly strangers, from whom you’re able to learn skills and techniques outside your industry.

Whatever the setting, the mere fact of being in new surroundings triggers creativity — no matter what form it may come in. Even simply explaining your work to a stranger is one of the best ways to remind yourself of your motivations for doing it.


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