By Paula Gomprecht | December 2, 2016

What does hospitality mean in coworking?

“Hospitality” — what does that word mean to you when you’re looking for somewhere to work or to establish your place of business?

The word conjures up the feeling you get at your favorite upscale hotel, where you can expect a friendly greeting, an offer to take your bags, a clean lobby, and a helpful staff.

Let’s translate that to business, your business. If you’re an entrepreneur, you need access to professional workplaces from Day One, when you are planning to sway potential investors or build business-to-business relationships. If you’re a corporate executive, your mobile employees need workplaces away from their homes that are safe and secure. And if you’re a freelancer or on-demand contractor, you need a professional space to work with partners and meet clients.

Hospitality needs to be at the core of what these workplaces must offer. It starts with staff that cares and goes out of its way to make everything seamless; a staff that can get you up and running – fast – and take your mind off things like wondering if your bag is safe if you get up. A staff that welcomes your client properly and pays attention to every detail – from greeting you by name to providing little touches such as infused water or fresh flowers.

Lastly, consumers count on hotel chains to have consistency wherever they travel so that they can be confident with their choice. Businesses also need to have consistency in all locations where they plan to work and see clients. When thinking about choosing your business location, it’s important to know that you can expand or travel to cities across the country and access workplaces that offer a consistently high level of hospitality.

Hospitality industry veteran Paula Gomprecht comes to Serendipity Labs after over a decade in the upper upscale hotel industry. She understands that driving loyalty comes from going beyond expectations.

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